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Here are the author services that Shalamar offers directly to writers. First, though, let’s address Shalamar’s sliding-scale service rates.

What does “Suggested Price” mean?

Shalamar charges authors on a sliding scale. This allows authors with less access to funds to still be able to access high-quality services. Conversely, we expect that authors with greater cash flow will pay the suggested price or more, as this offsets the lower fees paid by the low-income authors.

How do you verify who’s low-income and who isn’t? We don’t. We rely on the author community to self-report and set their prices in a way that benefits not only themselves but also authors in need.

If I pay more, what’s in it for me? If you’re able to pay more than the base rate, then doing so helps Shalamar continue to help less fortunate authors. But also, authors who pay the suggested price (or more) will gain access to future sales, deals, and advance and exclusive offers. Be sure to join our mailing list for more info.

Why are the Suggested Prices so high?! Generally, an author can expect a professional editor to charge around $35 an hour, and web designers about $50 an hour, and so forth. The suggested rates are based on our staff’s past average grand totals. See Publishing FAQs for more details about what to expect from editing.

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  • Developmental Editing

    Suggested price: $1,000.00
  • Editorial Book Review

    Suggested price: $150.00
  • Line Editing

    Suggested price: $750.00
  • Press Kit

    Suggested price: $250.00
  • Proofreading

    Suggested price: $500.00
  • Quick Edits

    Suggested price: $50.00
  • Website Design

    Suggested price: $1,000.00