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Partners & Resources

This is a list of companies that Shalamar has worked with, has connections to, or otherwise recommends for writers (and in some cases, for general hobbyists). We only include resources that we have tried ourselves...

Publishing FAQs

This is a growing list of questions authors often ask us about writing and getting published. Feel free to contact us with yours! General Publishing Questions How much does it cost to publish a book?...


For Writers, By Writers Shalamar’s mission is to break down the barriers to entry that currently exist in the publishing industry, keeping new writers from finding the success and readership that they need. We especially...


About Author Services

We offer a la carte services to any self-publishing author who needs them. These services include editing, proofreading, ebook formatting, and interior design. We also have several artists on call, and we will add market research, printing, and distribution services in the near future. Our prices for these services are competitive, and we also add the convenience of providing everything a writer might need in one place. Come check out what’s on offer.